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Granite Towers Equity Group (GTEG) was founded to provide investors with passive income that is accessible NOW, and to relieve high income earners of heavy income tax burdens through strategic cash-flow investments allowing for potential massive tax savings.  Our team at Granite Towers deeply values our investors freedom of TIME. Passive income and depreciation through our cash-flow investments allows our investors to get more of their time back, allowing the freedom of choice, to spend their time how they want to.


Our Strategy

Investments With Solidity

We buy cash-flowing “B” and “C” Class apartments as we love to add-value!  We focus on specific markets with very specific investing criteria that allow our team to buy and create tremendous value to the properties through a strategic business plan, always unique to each property.  Our business plan for each investment is built based on the current market cycle, future projections and historical data. We truly LOVE this business as it’s a win, win, win; whereas our investors win seeing very nice profits, our tenants win with a beautiful/safe place to call home, and the general community wins as we at Granite Towers donate a percentage of our profits to a local child hunger foundation.

Investment Sourcing

We have extensive relationships and knowledge in the submarkets we invest in. Through the utilization of this knowledge and our local relationships, we are able to locate and acquire assets that have significant investment performance potential.

Value Add

We work closely with our team to implement strategic plans to increase the value of our investments. Being immersed in the day to day operations of the investments, we strive to produce double digit returns for all investors.


We keep communication consistent, constant and clear with our passive investors and team. By striving for complete clarity throughout the value-add process, we are able to add significant value and unambiguity.


We strive to create everlasting partnerships with our investors, our property management partners, and our maintenance and development teams in our markets.  As our investors are part owners with Granite Towers, we enjoy hearing from you!



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