About Our Firm

Granite Towers Equity Group was founded with the goal of providing a higher level of control in building long term wealth for qualified investors.  Our investments allow your money to turn at a higher velocity thereby giving you better returns than most investments provide, all while producing cash-flow.  After many repeat investments via IRA’s, 401k’s, Life Insurance etc, we as owners became frustrated with the “dream” of retiring at 65 and the never ending list of hidden fees, along with the complete lack of control.  Granite Towers only owns REAL ASSETS; property you can touch, income statements and business plans that show and share it all, so you know EXACTLY what’s going on with your investment and why.

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The two values we strive to be known for at Granite Towers Equity Group are Growth and Contribution.  Our business model is designed in a way where it requires Growth and Contribution as it is built directly into the structure of the company.  We are acutely aware that our investors, tenants and team must grow through strategic value-add acquisitions. As the company grows, a specified percentage of any profits at Granite Towers goes directly to feeding hungry children all over the world, which is our way we contribute.  It’s our goal that each and every investor feels GREAT knowing their investment is helping to feed hungry children!





To help provide financial freedom to our investors while providing safe, clean housing to our residents, and giving back to our select non-profit organizations.



10,000 plus owned units, focused on adding value, cash-flow, wealth multiplication, and philanthropy.


Our Strategy

Investments With Solidity

We only buy “B” and “C” class multi-family property with a value-add component.  Our goal for every asset we acquire is to increase our Net Operating Income through a specified strategic business plan based on the statistics of the local market.  A couple important pieces of criteria we stick to are buying in landlord friendly states, with higher than average cap rates that have strong cash flow returns.

Investment Sourcing

We have extensive relationships and knowledge in the submarkets we invest in. Through the utilization of this knowledge and our local relationships, we are able to locate and acquire assets that have significant investment performance potential.

Value Add

We work closely with our team to implement strategic plans to increase the value of our investments. Being immersed in the day to day operations of the investments, we strive to produce double digit returns for our investors.


We keep communication consistent, constant and clear with our passive investors and team. By striving for complete clarity throughout the value-add process, we are able to add significant value and unambiguity.


We strive to create everlasting partnerships with our investors, our property management partners, and our maintenance and development teams in our markets.  As our investors are part owners with Granite Towers, we enjoy hearing from you!



Granite Towers Equity Group was founded on the belief that those who are most fortunate have a duty to support others in need. On every managed project, 5% of the sponsor/split will be given back to a nonprofit which helps fight child hunger.

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